Cafe Quality Coffee

without the need for a skilled barista.

Introducing Panacea

the coffee blend specially designed for Bean to Cup machines

We’ve specifically designed a coffee blend and roast profile that works incredibly well with these machines – and we have to say we’ve been genuinely surprised by how good office coffee can be.

Fully automatic Bean to Cup machines extract coffee flavour differently from the way it is done in traditional machines – so using our house blend Opus, for example, just wasn’t able to come up to our standards.

We set about to find a blend that had a similar taste to Opus, but which would work well in a Bean to Cup machine.

This coffee blend we came up with – Panacea – is roasted just a little longer than our signature espresso blend, Opus.  The coffee is a touch more similar to a Northern Italian style coffee, with notes of chocolate, caramel and toffee.

Great Machines

Alchemy Coffee supplies commercial machines that won’t let you down.

Exceptional Coffee

Alchemy Coffee roasts a specialty blend of coffee especially for Bean to Cup machines.

Guatemala Container

Outstanding Service

Alchemy Coffee supplies all you need to serve barista-quality coffee in your office.

Alchemy's Range of Bean to Cup Machines

Alchemy has chosen Jura as our preferred supplier of bean to cup machines, due to their outstanding quality.

Alchemy supply the following machines – but can include any items from Jura’s range.

What is a Bean to Cup coffee machine?

A Bean to Cup machine is designed so that you can make yourself a drink such as a latte, cappuccino or flat white purely by choosing that drink option, and the machine does all the hard work for you.  The machine will freshly grind your beans and then steam the milk correctly, and then combine them to a pre-set drinks menu.

No mess, no fuss, no in-depth training – just great coffee.

This makes Bean to Cup machines perfect for the office or home.

Ideal for restaurants, pubs and other venues

Training your staff to make coffee from a professional traditional espresso machine can be costly – and retaining trained staff presents an ongoing issue.

Providing a Bean to Cup machine which does not require a trained member of staff is an ideal solution that enables you to serve impressive specialty-style coffee with any of your team.

What packages does Alchemy offer?

Alchemy Coffee can offer you  a range of packages on your Bean to Cup machines – you can purchase or rent:

-a standalone Bean to Cup machine

– a package where a set monthly amount of coffee is included

-a package where service is included

– Extended Warranty packages.

Example Packages

Jura Giga X3 – up to 150 drinks per day

Jura Giga X3 Bean to Cup coffee machine

The Giga X3 serves up to 150 drinks per day, and again can be available either plumbed in or tank-fed.

A full range of drinks is served, including cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites.

Jura Giga X8 – up to 200 drinks per day

The X8, at the top of the range, will produce up to 200 drinks per day at an extremely high standard.

The GIGA X8, with two grinders, can have both espresso and decaf options available easily.

These come in options of tank-fed or plumbed-in.

A tank-fed machine can be easily unplugged from its usual location and moved to a meeting room if needed, whereas a plumbed-in machine would need to stay in situ.

Jura X8 – up to 80 drinks per day

Ideal for up to 80 drinks per day, the X8 can prepare a full range of drinks including lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.

Please contact Alchemy Coffee on 0208 543 6271

or email us at

if you would like to discuss your requirements for coffee at your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question What Size Machine Do I Need
AnswerYou can use this formula as a rough guide — allow for three cups per day per employee.
Question Does The Machine Get Installed
AnswerThe package you buy from Alchemy Coffee is inclusive of installation and we’ll show you how to fill & clean your machine.
Question Where Does The Coffee Come From?
AnswerAlchemy Coffee sustainably sources coffee beans direct from farmers around the world.  We roast the beans in our roastery in Wimbledon which makes the freshest cup of coffee every office will be envious of.
Question What Happens When We Run Out?
AnswerAlchemy Coffee offers a variety of delivery packages to ensure you never run out of coffee beans, or any of the paraphernalia you need for great tasting office coffee.

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