San Lorenzo Decaf Espresso Roast


This decaf comes from the Caldas department of Colombia. It is grown by a group of smallholder farmers living within the San Lorenzo indigenous community, just north of the town of Riosucio.  Riosucio is known for the popular carnival commonly called the “Carnival of the Devil”.


This region until recently was heavily inhabited by the various paramilitary groups and guerrillas who looked to control this central corridor in Colombia.


As such, this region is not yet widely known for specialty coffee production.  However, as the tensions ease and access has improved, it is now possible to source high scoring and traceable coffees from there.


Like most of the coffee grown in Colombia, the farms contributing to this community lot are very small compared to the rest of the world’s big producers.  Each farmer has approximately 0.5 Ha of land in which they have about 2500 coffee trees.


During the harvest, the families who run the farms will work with their neighbours to select ripe cherry before de-pulping in micro-mills on site where they will then ferment, wash and then dry the coffee on small drying patios on the roofs of the houses. They then deliver it to the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Alto Occidente de Caldas based in Riosucio who will handle the milling and organise the decaffeination of the coffee.


The sugar cane decaffeination used for this coffee takes place at the origin using fermented sugar cane molasses as the base product of the process. This is well suited for Colombia where sugar cane is widely grown.


At Alchemy we put as much effort into finding the right decaf as we do with the rest of our range. As coffee that has gone through this process tends to age quicker, we make an effort to buy only lots that have very recently landed in the UK.


To us, tasting the true flavours found in the coffee, not clouded by the processing, is the key – so we’ve designed our roasting style of these coffees with that in mind.


This coffee works equally well as filter and espresso, with milk or without.


Expect a sweet full-bodied cup with a subtle underlying fruitiness that is expected from a great Colombian coffee.


Shipping The roastery dispatches web orders via Royal Mail. All orders of a single 250g bag will be posted Second Class, orders with multiple bags will be posted First Class. For faster delivery please contact


*Although we make every attempt to have seasonal coffee available to order, occasionally some products are not available to ship immediately because we are in the process of hand-roasting them.*


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Sugar Cane Decaffeination


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