Setting up a coffee roastery has often been the dream of many a barista or café owner. The idea of learning more about the coffee, the desire to control more and more of your supply chain or the wish to see your own brand on the label. We get it, we’ve been there.

It can be really appealing – but it can also be pretty daunting. What roaster to buy? Where can I install it? What gas does it need? Do I need 3-phase electrics? What other equipment do I need for weighing and packing? Where do I get green from? How do I learn how to roast?

Anyone who has started a roastery – us included – will tell you that all of these questions and a thousand more need to be answered. For an individual café or small chain of cafés, this can be an intimidating hurdle to leap over.

But, maybe there is another way. Maybe we can share the load.

This is where the concept of “Slot-roasting” comes in. Cafés can book a slot – a piece of time – where they can use the roasting equipment owned by an established roastery. The package includes not just the roasting equipment but weighing and packing equipment, grinders, espresso machines and testing equipment. Regular customers can also have access to some storage space for green coffee. With our relationships with producers and importers, you can also leverage our buying power to get a variety of green coffee that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

You can choose how you want to roast and develop your own signature roasting style with the safety net of an experienced roaster on site to advise and guide. Roasting is a craft that requires focus, patience and experience – but a little guidance can get you where you want to go safely and in less time.

Available for you to hire are:

  • Probat 12kg coffee roaster connected to Cropster
  • Ikawa Sample roaster
  • Weighing and bagging equipment
  • Colortrak colour analyser
  • EK43 Grinder
  • La Marzocco Linea PB
  • Mythos Grinders

To learn more about how slot roasting may work for your business, get in touch by giving us a call on 0208 543 6271 or send an email to