Alchemy Coffee -- Brew Guide -- French Presse

  1. Boil water to 95 degrees Celcius.  You can also add boiling water to preheat your French Press.
  2. Grind coffee to a coarse setting (like the size of dry couscous). If you always use a french press, order out coffee using the Cafitiere Grind option.
  3. Add ground coffee to the french press and steadily pour in hot water.
  4. Put the lid on but DON’T plunge — set a timer for five minutes — be patient.
  5. Remove lid — Stir coffee 4–6 times and let the coffee grounds sink to the bottom of the press.
  6. Scoop off the froth from the top of the press — this removes the bitterness for a smooth coffee.
  7. Replace lid, keeping mesh filter just above liquid.
  8. Leave for another 5 minutes — trust us, this is when the magic happens.
  9. Slowly and steadily press the plunger down to about halfway.
  10. Gently pour — all the grit of the coffee has sunk to the bottom, so you should get a perfect pour.