Alchemy Coffee -- Brew Guide -- Siphon Method

The range of coffee brewing methods available today is vast but none are quite as showy or sophisticated as the siphon.

Brew Guide Siphon Method
  1. Start with 250 grams of water and we’re going to be using 15 grams of ground coffee.  The fresher the better.  We’re using one that’s been roasted two days ago.
  2. Add heat to the water, the steam is created and the air expands which pushes
    the water up through the siphon itself and at this point, measure the temperature.
  3. Aiming for 95 degrees celsius as the water starts to come through you’ll
    notice that it starts to boil at the bottom.
  4. Turn your heat down quite low and that gives better control of the water in the top.
  5. When your water reaches 95 degrees, turn the heat right down and then you add all the coffee at once and start a stopwatch.
  6. Give it a good stir straight away, and you’re aiming to get as much of the coffee down into the water as possible — that makes sure that all of the coffee is saturated and this helps to get an even extraction.
  7. After 45 seconds, turn off the heat and remove it and just wait for the coffee to start to drop back down.
  8. Wait for the coffee to move all of the water moves through the bed of
    coffee at the bottom and as it starts to bubble at the bottom that means it’s
    pulling air through —  it’s just equaling out the pressure that was created when
    you heat it up the water so once it stopped bubbling give it a little wobble
    and it should just lift out.

The difference between the siphon and other filter methods is that it served really quite hot so you need to let it cool down for a good five minutes before you drink it.

Setup costs between 75 to 150 pounds, taking upwards of 10 minutes to brew the siphon.

It isn’t necessarily your quick and cheap cup of coffee but the benefits are noticeable.

Overall, a great tasting full-bodied cup and of course a centrepiece to show off to your friends.